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We are a partnership of two friendly evangelical churches in the wonderful seaside town of Paignton.

We live in very difficult times - the 2020's is a decade for the history books but for all the wrong reasons. A global pandemic, war in Europe and a coming financial crisis which hasn't been seen on this scale since the 1970's.

You may be wondering where it's all heading! All the advances of the past century haven't changed the basic problems of humankind.

So why not take the opportunity in the midst of all today's fears and uncertainties to consider where is God in all this? 

Is there Hope? Why not come along to one of services where we worship God together with lively modern songs and explore what the Bible has to say to us about our lives in 2024. We have a great kids play area and we love the sound of children in church, so you won't get shooooshed!

You may have heard of the artist Charlie Mackesy - he wrote 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse'. Well here he is speaking for just a few moments - Christianity in a Nutshell - why not just take 4 minutes to watch it. God may speak to you too.


The most eternally significant questions you can ask are 'Who is Jesus?' and 'What does his life and death on the cross mean to me?'

We believe that the answers to these and many more existential questions are found in the Bible and each week at Church and in House groups we explore them and what the Bible has to say. 

No one is more important than anyone else and everybody has a valuable contribution to make.

So if you haven't been to church for a while (or if you've never been before) and you'd like to give it a try, we would love to see you. You're welcome to join us at any of our services whether you have been a Christian for sometime or you are just beginning to wonder what it's all about.

At Christ Church and St Paul's we believe that God loves all people, young and old and everyone in between. Whatever your story, the church is a place for anyone and everyone who wants to find God. 

          Our Sunday Services are:

                                                   8.00am at St Paul’s (Traditional, Book of Common Prayer)

                                                   9.30am at St Paul’s

                                                 11.00am at Christ Church                                     

                                      Both churches are on the Torquay Road              (See the 'How to find us' pages)

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We are currently in Vacancy.  Please e-mail St Paul's Church and Christ Church directly.  Your query will be forwarded to the relevant person and we will respond as soon as possible.