Christ Church & St Paul's Together in Paignton

It's all about Jesus!

This season in both churches we will be mainly looking at 2 books in the Bible.

During the first part of Autumn we will be look at the letters to the churches in the first chapters of Revelation - how they encourage and challenge us.

After that, in November we'll be learning from the book of Habakkuk in the Old Testament. Then in the lead up to Christmas we will be spending time considering the life of John the Baptist. They all have amazing lessons for us today! We'll be finding out what they are each week.

Our service programme is below - why not come along one Sunday?

September 9th       Revelation 2 v 1 - 7     Lost love

September 16th     Revelation 2 v 8-11     Over-comers

September 23rd     Revelation 2 v 12-17  Compromised

September 30th      Revelation 2 v 18-29   You tolerate

                                           (Harvest followed by joint lunch @ St Paul’s)

October 7th          Guest Service - Open Doors

October 14th        Revelation 3 v1-6        Dead or Alive?

October 21st        Revelation 3 v 7-13    Holding on 

October 28th        Revelation 3 v 14-22   A lukewarm church

November 4th        Habakkuk 1 v 1-12      How long?

November 11th Habakkuk 1 v12 - 2 v2  Is God good?

                                     (Joint Remembrance Service at 10.30 am)

November 18th Habakkuk 3                    Yet, I will

November 25th Luke 1 v 5-25, 57-58    A special baby

December 2nd         Matthew 3 v 1-12         A strange man

December 9th         Matthew 11 v 2-11      A strong prophet

December 16th Mark 6 v 14-29             A sad ending

December 23rd        Matthew 2 v  13-23       A sorry episode

                                           Also at St Pauls, 7pm @ Christ Church: Lessons & Carols

December 24th Midnight Communion @ 11pm

December  25th        Christmas Day

December 30th        Revelation 21 v 1-5       All things new